Hughes Counseling Services


"By far the most useful rule in life is nothing to excess."

—- Terrence, Andria (166 B.C.)

Hughes Counseling Services

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HUGHES COUNSELING SERVICES... a clinical practice specializing in counseling and evaluation services for individuals, couples and families. 

Our practice is staffed by licensed psychotherapy practitioners from diverse disciplines.  Relationships are at the core of many aspects of our lives - at home, work, church or the community.  At Hughes Counseling Services, we believe that relationships play an important role in defining us in many areas - the feedback we gain from others impacts our confidence, esteem, careers, parenting and health.

Understanding ourselves is an important step toward change and improving the quality of our lives.  As you learn more about what you are doing, you begin to apply what you learn.  Changing habits is difficult, but repeating behavior that fails to create a satisfying life is harder.  Practicing positive habits gets easier over time.

Because we are a multidisciplinary practice covering a range of experience and training, we are able to serve populations that include children, adults, couples, adolescents and the elderly.  Counseling at Hughes Counseling Services provides a broad spectrum of services involving psychological, social and emotional problems.